Monday, 17 March 2014

Going Nordic and making a dress.

Wow, things are very busy at the moment so I'm sorry I haven't been to visit your blogs, I'm just finding time to pop by and update you on my crafty bits and pieces.  First of all (of course) crochet.

Anybody who reads similar blogs to me will have seen this beautiful shawl cropping up on lots of blogs.  It's called the Nordic Shawl because of the scandinavian inspired coloured band around it.  I loved it as soon as I saw it and have really been enjoying the process of making it, even though I had to make a lot of compromises about the colours as I am on a strict yarn diet.  I must make space in my craft shelves, seriously, they're too awful even to photograph for you.

This is my interpretation of the Nordic style band...
and here it is so far...
It's turning out to be a good size but I've come to an abrupt halt as half way through the border as I've run out of the Teal colour.  I can't decide whether to cave and buy more yarn to finish it off or to unpick a couple of rows and finish off with what I have.

Did you spot my new craft purchase?  I am hoping that this dress form will give me the impetus to get going on some dressmaking, a totally new thing for me but one which I am thoroughly enjoying investigating.  Of course I have been heavily influenced by The Great British Sewing Bee and by some lovely blogs I read, especially this one and this one.  I have actually already made a dress...
from a New Look pattern (New Look 6176)...
There's an awful lot wrong with it but I'm still happy to have it done.  The zip is a total mess at the bottom...
I don't know whether anybody would ever notice (if they do then they probably shouldn't be looking!) but it's annoying me.  Also the zip up the back is by no stretch of the imagination invisible...
Although as it is a good match for colour I don't think it matters too much.  I haven't worn it yet, partly because it is in a thin lawn cotton which requires warmer weather and partly because I don't quite trust it not to fall apart as soon as I leave the house.  I have no faith at all in my dress making abilities.  High on my list now is to make some clothes for my girls, though at the moment I have a skirt on the go.

Right, things to be done.  In other news my job has gone from being a maternity cover to being a permanent thing which makes me very happy as it's a school I love.  Even though this means I have much less time for blogging (I prefer to use the time to make things), I am definitely going to keep updating as often as I can. Please bear with me if I don't comment on your blogs as often as I should.

Enjoy the springtime weather UK friends.


  1. Great first dress! Saw your pattern review. You will make progress fast! So keep at it, it is so worth it. Congratulations on the teaching (?) job. It is tough to get teaching jobs at schools you love. (I am a grade 6 teacher in Canada)

  2. Cheers for you, Harriet! I have made very few pieces of clothing, and the ones I sewed with a machine were interesting...but held together for awhile :) Your dress looks much more trustworthy and stylish with its decorative zipper enhancement than my efforts did! And I am so excited that you have a job your want and enjoy in a school you like as I did years ago. Thanks for posting when you can...Someday I hope we can see the British Sewing Bee here in the USA. xx

  3. That is a perfect dress for spring! So when are you gonna fit me? ;0)
    That shawl is extraordinary! I love the color band.

  4. Beautiful shawl and I really like the dress. How fun to start with a new peoject.

  5. I think your dress is very good for a first attempt :) It is very pretty and doesnt look like it will fall apart he he.

    Your crochet shawl is beautiful and I have seen a few going about!x

  6. hahaha, I was just going to say "well hopefully no one will be looking at the bottom of your zip..." but you'd already thought of that ;-) I think my first dress had a similar outcome! It's a really great pattern & fabric you've used and I'm glad you're inspired to sew more. I made my first dress during last years Sewing Bee, but not too much since, with moving house etc, but I have some great patterns I want to get using.

    Your Nordic shawl is looking lovely as well. Part of me wants to encourage you to buy more, but then the other part of me says you'll then have teal yarn left over, which will be adding to your stash!

  7. YOur dress is perfect, and it iwill not fall apart on you if you wear it. You did a great job.